Diary 2020

Cheam LTC event programme for 2020! If you fancy running (maybe a new social) or helping out at an event – please get in touch with a committee member and we can make it happen!

Event Date
Higgins & Handicap Tournament Sat 1st February – Sat 18th April  
Mini Tennis Fun Tournaments Sat 22nd February – 9am
Cheam LTC Quiz Night Date tbc
Spring Clean Working Party       Sun 8th March – 2pm          
Bank Holiday Tournament   Mon 13th April – 10am
BBQ + Higgins Handicap Final
Sat 18th April – 12pm
Bank Holiday Tournament Fri 8th May – 10am
Club Championships 2020 Sat 16th May – Sat 18th July
Wimbledon Ballot Sat 23rd May – 4pm
Cheam Fest (CSC) Sun 24th May – Mon 25th May
Club Time BBQ Sat 20th June – 2pm
Club Open Day Sat 27th June – 11am
Cheam LTC Summer Party Date tbc
Finals Day Working Party Sun 12th July – 2pm
Finals Day 2020 Sat 18th July – 1pm
Cheam LTC Grade 3 Tournament  Mon 17th August – Fri 21st August
U25 Championships Date tbc
Bank Holiday Tournament + BBQ Mon 31st August – 10am
Autumn Singles Box Leagues  Mon 7th Sept – Mon 30th November
Golf Day  Date tbc
Autumn Clean Working Party   Date tbc
Wine Tasting Social  Date tbc 
AGM  Wed 25th November – 8pm
Cheam LTC Christmas Party Sat 12th December – 7pm
Davis Cup Tournament  Tue 15th December – 7.30pm
Christmas American Tournament Sun 20th December – 10am