Team Report 2018

Team Match Report

Results for the previous winter and summer Surrey Wilson Leagues are summarised below:

Winter 2017/18

Team Division Played  Finishing Position  Division next Winter 
Men’s 1 6 6th 7
Men’s 2 11 6th 13
Men’s 3 17 2nd 16
Men’s 4 21 5th 22
Men’s 5 25 4th 25
Men’s 6 26 3rd 26
Ladies 1  12 6th 14

Summer 2018

Team Division Played  Finishing Position  Division next Summer
Men’s 1 6 1st 5
Men’s 2 10 6th 12
Men’s 3 14 6th 16
Men’s 4 22 2nd 21
Men’s 5 26 2nd 25
Men’s 6 27 3rd 27
Ladies 1  9 6th 11

Notable points:

  1. We lost several of our highest standard ladies a year or so ago and although interest is growing there is still a long way to go to get the ladies team back to where it used to be. Olga is doing a good job in getting matches arranged but we need more ladies to play and hope to be now in a position where some of the newer ladies will play for us soon.
  2. Josh and Jonathan continue to manage the 4ths and 5ths and are using junior players and young adults more now that it is apparent that their standard is improving rapidly โ€“ a testament to our coaching programme.
  3. Congratulations to Dominic Sandy who having won the club doubles championships finished the summer league undefeated in the first team and the official number 1 player out of the 32 players that played in the division.
  4. We face more than ever now an increasing demand for team tennis participation. Thanks to Amit for his coaching, a number of juniors and students now play and will be playing more. As ever we aim to include everyone who wants to play matches but it may mean you donโ€™t play every match. Any concerns should be swiftly brought to the attention of the team captain and if not dealt with can be referred up to the committee.  Please seek to resolve any difficulties early and with the appropriate captain.

Men’s Aegon 2018

Cheam played in Division 5 West this year once again and ended in 1st place. We will re-enter division 4 West next year and hope to do better than last time we were there.

Players included Mike Needham, Simon Burgess, Chris Keating, Jack Harvey, Colin Jones, Dominic Sandy, Ashley Horsman and Taegyun Kim. I do wish to thank everyone who plays and hope the experience is enjoyable for all concerned. We look forward to next season when we hope to have enough players to enter a second Men’s team


Junior Aegon 2018

Cheamโ€™s U16 boys finished 2nd this year and so will be promoted next year. Thanks again to Olga for arranging and to the boys themselves โ€“ I can certainly say witnessing the matches the standard has become very high. Well done to Matthew, Lewis, Tim and Daniel. 


Thank you to all our players and captains and I wish you all good luck with your matches over the coming season at Cheam LTC.