Tennis For Kids

Has your kid never picked up a racket? Are they aged 4-18? Then LTA Youth at Cheam LTC is the perfect way to introduce them to tennis.

Junior Coaching term-time classes are run after school on weekdays from 3:30 pm, and also on Saturday mornings from 9 am. Please contact the Head Coach to arrange a free trial lesson for your child.

Lessons are open to kids aged between 4 and 18. Our specially trained coaches will ensure each and every kid has the best start to their tennis journey in a safe and inclusive environment. 

These sessions are full of energy and cater to all abilities so nobody’s getting left behind. 

What you can expect?

  • Top-class tennis lessons from one of Cheam LTC’s fantastic coaches
  • ABCs development (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination)
  • Learn to Rally, Serve and Score
  • End of term report to track your child’s progress
  • Competition and Matchplay Opportunities

Arrange a Free Trial Lesson at Cheam LTC

Please email Head Coach Amit – 

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